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Online parent community

Friends of Ravenstone would like to invite you to join - the parent to parent

communication website for all parents and FOR at Ravenstone Primary School.

Classlist is an online parent community that provides online class lists, enabling you to contact other parents easily and securely.

As well as providing mobile-friendly class lists, via the app and contact details for your year group, it will enable you to communicate easily with your class/year group and set up events and private birthday party invitations etc. Parents can share as much as or as little contact information with other parents as they like, and can even keep their own email address private whilst still receiving messages. We cannot add your email or contact information only you can.

Classlist will mostly be used to send out information from FOR including volunteer requests and dates of events, etc.

You can also send out information via your Year Group only or just to a few members.

Classlist will not be used to share issues about the whole school, lost socks etc.  You can opt out at any time.

The school will continue to use Parentmail to communicate with parents. FOR will no longer use Parentmail to communicate with parents for anything FOR related, as soon as everyone is up and running on Classlist. The FOR website gives you information on up and coming events, but we can’t use that for last minute updates. By creating Classlist, FOR can send out more efficient communication as we don't have to rely on the office to send out updates and if frees up their time.

Your class can continue to use WhatsApp to communicate, it’s up to your class rep. However, Classlist will make it easier for your Class Rep to get messages out.

Register Now!

You may get a request to join via email sent by your class rep, but your email will not be stored on Classlist unless you sign up. If you do not receive a request, go directly to Search Friends of Ravenstone, sign up yourself, add your children to their relevant year group, you will get verified by your rep or one of the admin members. It’s easy! And next year your children will automatically be moved up a year on

The Data

Protection Officer has verified that the web-based program is contained by UK data protection

regulations. The school does not upload any information into the site - all information is inputted by

parents’ themselves.

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